Our visit to the SA Children’s Home

We discovered that the SA Children’s Home is on our doorstep and so we made plans to bless the children one Saturday morning.

On Friday, 25 May we had some of the ladies come into the kitchen and ice the cakes that had been baked during the day.  They had great fun piping and decorating.


On 26 May we took the little cupcakes that we had baked and iced the day before to the Home, together with bottles of fruit juice.  The children were delighted!

Although awkward initially, our ladies soon relaxed and connected with the young folk at the home.  There was banter and laughter, dancing and singing and general good fun taking place.

We were shown around the premises with the “mother” telling us snippets and fun facts about the home and the children.  Our young ladies were very taken with what the home has to offer and how the children are looked after.  The general feeling, after we left, was that our young ladies would like to connect more with the children at the Home inf the future.


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